Install and configure the TFTP server

This article discusses,

TFTP (English Trivial File Transfer Protocol – a simple file transfer protocol.) Is mainly used way for the initial boot diskless workstations. TFTP, unlike FTP, does not contain any authentication capabilities (although you can filter by IP-address) and is based on the transport protocol UDP

The main purpose TFTP -. Software easy client implementation. In this regard, it is used to boot diskless workstations download updates and configurations in the smart network devices, statistics record with a PBX (CDR) and a hardware router / firewall.


as the program that will serve as the TFTP server is a small program that can be downloaded

Downloading portable edition since version extra fuss with installation we do not need. Selected based on the operating system that you have installed.

Unpack to a convenient location for us and run the tftpd64.exe or tftpd32.exe if we downloaded 32 bit version

  • 1 -. this specifies the root directory of where / how will swing our files, ny default is the directory where our program is
  • .

  • 2 – then you need to choose an IP address which will meet our TFTP server ie the address to which we will refer external clients
  • 3 -.. Setup

In principle data action, it is sufficient to start working with this TFTP server. Data upload and download from the root directory, which is specified in paragraph 1.

Advanced Settings

Functionality of the program is not limited to TFTP server , but also has additional functionality. We will consider only a small part that is often used

DHCP Server -. Required for the issue of dynamic IP addresses for our devices

Settings of the DHCP server

Settings for customers that will receive the addresses

DHCP server is within a single broadcast domain that is If the server is behind a router, then we will not be able to get addresses. Ability to obtain the address from behind a router in the scope of this article.