Guitar android Real Guitar

If you know how to play guitar, then pay attention to Real Guitar Guitar emulator for android. With this application you can play music as a real guitar. From the same developer has the app simulator drums.

When you start on the screen you will see the strings. Swipe your finger on them and you will hear a sound. Everything in this instrument. Each string produces a specific note. Thanks to the multi-touch, you can extract a few notes at a time and play chords. By the way, all the samples have excellent studio quality.

A bit of a work-out, you can learn to cope with such a good virtual guitar Real Guitar . And the main thing is that it will always be at your fingertips, so you can always write down all of a sudden came to, the musical idea, because the application has recording function. It will also be helpful to be able to loop fragment and play it continuously.

All the musicians suggested guitar download for android , it will help in the work. A very useful tool for real tuner

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Screenshots from the simulator guitar Real Guitar on Android