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EuroPlus NiceLabel Designer PowerForm 2017 – is a professional application for label design and barcode with subsequent transfer to print by EasyForms. Data Logging, sent to the printer and the access password protection ensures high security and complete history tracking label design. Solution NiceLabel Designer Pro offers a complete label templates, supports more than 70 barcode types, allows formatting (paragraphs, italic text, grouping, filling out forms, etc.) and works with RFID-tagged.

EasyForms application sends the label to the printer through a single entry form – without the use of a standard dialog box Print. This eliminates data entry errors, duplication and printing of serial numbers is not the label that can occur when using a plurality of dialog boxes and label design software. If the user already has models etiquette in the database, it can work in NiceLabel Designer Pro with them, instead of creating a new identity. It provides the function design custom label templates for filling them with existing information from the database. Variable data labels may be selected from as many sources as you like to the user. Full serialization, including the non-decimal serial numbers, global variables, custom check digit bar codes, date and time and other, makes it easy to create complex variable values. (196.29 mb, Keygen, English language, yes) Release Information, System requirements,
Operating System, Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 (x86, x64)
1 GHz RAM,
512 MB hard disk space,
200 MB Language, English
Size, 196.29 MB
Medicine, to complete Keygen