Download Half-Life, Goldeneye mod

So I do not understand how so many negative reviews? All advanced players at-least once in your life playing it. There does not matter, you’re meat, or will tear everything and everyone out there it is important that experience better players transferred weak, due to the observation essno. It also produces some no combat tactics, but it is necessary as in the classics, and in hypertension.

Now, a little biography. About AG, I learned 2 years ago, thanks to Shedd, his propaganda made me put this trouble. I went in, played, went out. And I must say, Gauss I could fly long before the appearance of hypertension. With regards to the alias – is everyone’s business. No one forbids them to use (excl., but not everyone knows about them. There is a question regarding the alias put differently, if you want to play on an equal footing with the glass tubes – a pack of aliases in the config file, you do not want – it’s your business. Of information on them in the internets Well bulk simple.

In general, it’s like IPhone and HTC, heaven and earth, but do not forget that the tastes and needs are different, and focusing on their players and choose that they prefer. (I am a supporter of HTC)