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In our present collection presents the best commercial and free autoclickers – programs for recording and subsequent action keyboard emulation, click one time or on a schedule. They relieve you of routine work on the computer and perform similar actions. automation of the process is painless – you just download autoclicker with the right characteristics, we will consider further



Additional Features,

The program Clickermann is a simple autoclicker with concise interface in English. It is slightly inferior to a more thoughtful counterparts regarding the implementation plan of the recorded sequence of actions, but it is very popular in the gaming environment, although it is not positioned as a program to games.

Write clicks Series can be in the editor or in the background. Optimize your script and save him from unnecessary movements help hot keys. Rumor has it that successfully created in the Clickermann script performs up to 50% of a typical office work instead of the employee or the Farm currency in a simple browser-based toys with the efficiency of ordinary user.

  • Compact and portable, the application does not require installation,
  • English interface language allows you to quickly self-deal with management,
  • The recorded actions are reproduced as many times as required,
  • available manual creation and automatic keyboard mouse tracking,
  • In the public domain, you can not just download the clicker, but also to find customized scripts from third-party developers.

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AutoClickExtreme – a useful utility by local developers. On the intuitive interface of the application and beautiful functionality. The program is able to record the action scripts in both manual and automatic mode, she has plenty of options and a variety of useful chips.

The solution would be ideal, but the developers are no longer actively releasing updates and does not endorse, therefore, the popularity of utility not growing. Campaign for the purchase of a license for an hour free call with tech support on Skype, you see, can hardly be called a competent marketing move.

  • Easy user interface, a simple scripting language,
  • Pushing keys and mouse movement program picks up without gaps,
  • You can manually record actions and track them automatically,
  • Excellent implemented hotkeys with the ability to customize keyboard shortcuts,
  • There is a lot of adjustable operating parameters,
  • The scheduler allows you to run the script and repeat it at any time,
  • utility cost more than democratic.

This automatic clicker designed to simplify the work at the computer. It is positioned as a means to save your time, which can now be spent on more useful things.

UoPilot , in contrast to the above utilities, created more for professionals than for ordinary users or gamers. It is not possible to fully record the actions of the mouse, keyboard, etc. The creators of the tool prompts you to manually register the place of clicks, the number of right and left click the mouse, the pointer position. The interval between clicks is adjustable from milliseconds to hours according to your requirement, the cycle variables are also supported.

In general, the utility copes with the task, but it is intended exclusively for professionals who understand the principle of the macro and able to write manual scripts . Simple user is unlikely to sort out.

  • Recording functions of action on the screen and playback recording is not supported,
  • To use the tool, the principles of scripting you need to know,
  • Like other clickers to play, fine-tune the user’s parameters,
  • no scheduler for auto-macros in applications-based,
  • The latest version came out more than a year ago, the updates are missing .

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Automatic mouse and Keyboard – autoclicker for commercial mouse. Of course, you can download a free program, but after testing the product will have to either buy or shelved. To view this application and settings autoclicker you better have some knowledge of English. Without them cope with the management and to register even a simple keyboard shortcut will be quite difficult. However, it should be noted a good functionality, high level of usability and quality of the implementation tools. She pleasantly stands out from the many analogues

  • ability to significantly simplify the lives of gamers -. With its help often write bots for online games,
  • know how to remember your actions mouse, keyboard, and play written by the editor,
  • provides an enviable ability to create and set up the script and display it on the display,
  • The database contains samples and the function of the smart capture ‘mouse clicks,
  • is distributed on a paid basis, there is no localized version for Android

Ghost mouse -. a small tool with one-touch control. She does not even support the keyboard grab, but just keeps track of the mouse in different places on the screen after the activation of the recording scenario. When he is ready, you have to click on the Play button and watch as the software will automatically click the mouse after a certain period of time. Everything is simple and clear. For pharma currency in any browser farm is an application may come, but for more serious tasks recommend other autoclickers download.

  • A very simple principle of the program, a primitive interface ,
  • Record the script only automatic tracking action,
  • available management hot keys, the minimum setting, excellent automation,
  • Supports any computer game without AI < / li>
  • among the latter, supported by the operating system Windows 7 and 8,
  • The developer offers Ghost Mouse as a stripped-down version of the paid clicker ReMouse with broader capabilities.

Set autoclicker GS Auto Clicker offers almost all the top sites with reviews of the software. The program is popular and touted, although gratuitous distribution of the full version. Like the Ghost Mouse , GS Auto Clicker does not work with the keyboard, but has an interface to manually add the script. You specify how to press a button (double or single click), display position of the pointer on the screen and you need a certain amount of action. After the script must be run exactly, though errors sometimes occur. It is better to write the action in the capture mode.

  • The program is easy to use, extends entirely free,
  • «Hot keys to help start recording and to finish it without further action,
  • Autoclicker works with all modern platforms, frequently updated,
  • The scope of application is unlimited – the utility will save you from performing repetitive actions in games, applications, and even help ease the primitive money on the Internet

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Free Mouse Auto Clicker in the free version is of no interest among the kind of programs. Too much cut the developers of the product features to such an extent that it is almost impossible to use autoclicker. To simulate a click, you’ll have a long time to expose the position values ​​in the interface. For the amateurs it is inconvenient, and professionals generally opt for other similar programs with normal implementation, where there is a convenient editor script with syntax highlighting.

  • Small weight and low system requirements,
  • The complexity of use – have set the position of the mouse cursor manually,
  • Available settings click repetition intervals,
  • The paid version offers much more useful functions with the best implementation

As you can see, the virtual computer mouse and keyboard really popogayut. You can set the algorithm to farm the currency in a simple browser-based game, automate surfing, make bot for sotsialok or automatically enter any data into the computer without routine manual work. Emulation action through autoclicker – great and before to determine which computer program will take the first place in our rating, again briefly describe each of them

Clickermann -. Simple and intuitive clicker with a friendly interface, manual and automatic mode of operation, reliability and good performance. It’s free, but rather quality. The only drawback – the poorly developed scheduler

AutoClickExtreme in many ways avoids the aforementioned colleague and would definitely took first place, but Clickermann wins due to the absence of the license fee.. In general, the utility we liked, to pay for her 1000 rubles, if there will be a necessity, not a pity.

Automatic Mouse and Keyboard will appreciate their capabilities, but the program price in the absence of English obviously it bites. Even if not to put it, but simply to analyze the image to a menu, it becomes clear that there is all that is needed. Utility chosen by gamers. With it, you write very high-quality farm-bot.

UoPilot closes the list of English decent tools-autoclickers. It is designed for professionals. Ordinary users will have to sweat in order to record high-quality macro, but you can try. Charge because no one needs. English-language Free Mouse Auto Clicker has similar capabilities, but, as we have said, in which they strongly curtailed the free edition.

Ghost Mouse and GS Auto Clicker – birds of a feather. This simple and comfortable minimalist app with thoughtful management. Let them do not support the automated typesetting and limp in some aspects (no scheduler menu translation), but still popular. Pay attention to them, if you do not want to deal with long self-writing the script.